Flay ash

Two companies in the JD Group deal with sale of attested fly ash for building industry. On domestic market distribution of attested fly ash is realized by JD company and in Germany it’s realized by JH Duda GmbH cwith headquarters in Bad Honnef.

Fly ash due to its features and low price in comparison with cement for many years is used in construction industry where it improves quality of manufactured products.  

The JD company deals with distribution of fly ashes from the Opole Power Station, above that it closely cooperates with Steag Energo Mineral. company. Steag distributes ashes form Ostrołeka Power Station, Łaziska Power Station, Zakłady Azotowe Puławy or from Zakłady Chemiczne Police. Fly ash offered by our companies is a product that meets requirements of applicable standards.

Benefits resulting from use of fly ash:

  • concrete and concrete products, prefabrication, reduction of production material costs, optimization of cement quantity, increase of workability of concrete mix, increase of concrete tightness, binding of product final look
  • cement – saving natural resources, reduction of cement water demand
  • road construction – saving natural aggregates, significant cost reduction, optimization of cement quantity.

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